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Ask anyone experienced enough to do their own home-cooked meals, and they will all tell you the same thing: spices give life to all types of delicacies. It is the soul of every delicious meal, and it will never go out of fashion as long as there are people out there who want to eat something unforgettable.

That said, first-time cooks may still be unfamiliar with the importance of spices in cooking; that is why we have listed a couple of their benefits below for reference.

1. Spices Add Flavor to Your Meal.

People are generally interested in eating something delicious and flavorful, so they will be grateful to have a spice or two in the kitchen to do the trick because it will give them a variety of flavors to choose from.

2. Spices Add a Nice Aroma to Your Dish.

Another thing you will surely love about spices is that they provide your dinner with a nice aroma. Even if you skip the lime and lemon slices in your fish fillet, for example, you will still be able to capture that nice aroma that everyone loves.

3. Spices Can Help You Limit the Amount of Salt You Use in Your Cooking.

If you are watching your salt intake and do not want to eat something too salty, then you may consider trying out a few different spices. You will surely capture some amazing flavors, and the best part is, they are all healthy.

4. Spices Can Extend Your Food’s Shelf Life.

You will be amazed at how a piece of meat or a fish fillet can stay fresh and taste great thanks to the spices you sprinkled on them. You do not need to worry about your food going bad or spoiling as long as you have a few of them stored in your kitchen.

What Are the Most Common Types of Spices?

There are close to seven thousand different spices in the world today, and they come in a variety of tastes, sizes, and colors. While some of them might look the same, they can very much be different in terms of their taste. With that said, here are some of the common types of spices available today.

1. Salt.

Salt is one of the most common spices globally, and it is also the oldest of them all. Even though this ingredient has been around for many years, people still find ways to use it in cooking. But be careful not to overuse it because overdoing it will make your food too salty to eat.

2. Oregano.

This type of herb is one of the most popular spices on the market today, and it has been around for many years. It is used in Mediterranean cooking, and it tastes so delicious you will be glad you picked it up.

3. Cumin.

Cumin is popular in Asian dishes, and it also tastes so delicious. It has a nice aroma and a nice taste, and its taste can be described as a combination of flavors like lemon, pepper, and ginger.

4. Basil.

Basil is a common herb that is used in both Italian and Thai dishes. It has a nice flavor, and its essence can be described as a combination of citrus and mint.

5. Turmeric.

This spice is common in Indian dishes, and it has a nice flavor that is comparable to ginger. It is also commonly used in curry dishes.


There you have it, folks! It does not take years to learn about spices. In fact, it does not even take months. All it takes is a quick glance at the guide we have prepared, and you are ready to enjoy the wonders that it can bring to your cooking.

In addition, the above guide also includes a list of the most common types of spices that you can use in your cooking, along with their unique taste and aroma. Now you can finally be able to get started on your first dish with the proper spices already in place.

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