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The restaurant scene forecast for 2019 promises a focus on delicious and nutritious fare that brings globalism back to the table. Hyper-local foods and seasonal menus will still star on the culinary stage, but they’ll be likely to be served with a dash of creative fusion. Top chefs have also started looking toward the past for inspiration.

The following five trends you can expect to see take on larger roles in 2019.

Floral Flavors

Floral flavors such as lavender, rose, and violet have been hovering around the fringes of the food scene for several years now, but we expect them to play a significant role in 2019’s culinary narrative. Cocktails created using floral infusions are expected to be wildly popular this year, and cutting-edge desserts, ganaches, and sauces will be featuring flowery flavors as well. We’re also looking forward to a visit from the Victorian era in the form of candied pansies adorning fancy cakes and tarts and bright, edible blossoms strewn over tossed salads.

Plant-Based Entrees

Restaurants have been offering vegetarian options for years, but these have typically been two or three items listed in a section of their own under the more traditional entrees. Plant-based entrees will have an increased presence on center stage in 2019 instead of just existing as afterthoughts designed to appeal to relatively rare vegetarian diners. Even diehard carnivores are opting to decrease the amount of meat they consume on a daily basis these days and are more likely than ever to order plant-based entrees in restaurants.

Upgraded Chicken

Chicken has long been a staple of restaurant menus, and most restaurants haven’t strayed very far from traditional recipes with classic marinades and spices. Diners will enjoy more creative chicken options in 2019. Chefs are already using bolder spices and more complex marinades as well as getting inventive with side dishes when chicken is the star of the show. Expect to be delighted with diverse preparations such as chicken marinated in jalapeño pesto sauce or horseradish crème fraîch.

Fermented Foods

Fermented foods gained a good foothold in the restaurant scene during 2018, and this is expected to continue in 2019. You can look forward to naturally fermented vegetables such as carrots, green beans, beets, radishes and cabbage as well as house-made sauerkraut, kimchi, tempeh, and miso. The fermentation craze even extends to ordinary cocktail garnishes such as pearl onions and lemons.

Root Vegetables

Beets, carrots, yams, turnips, rutabagas, parsnips, and other root vegetables feature prominently in 2019’s culinary landscape. Expect to see more of them in entrees rather than simply being delegated to their usual supporting roles as side dishes. That’s not all that’s in store for humble root vegetables, however. Sweeteners derived from sweet potatoes, butternut squash, and carrots will be emerging in 2019 as alternatives to honey, agave, and sugar.

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