At Castle Foods, sustainable growing, production, and distribution is in our DNA. Many of our herbs and spices are grown on our own land and milled in our own facilities to ensure the process has minimal environmental impact. We also hand-pick and meticulously vet each and every one of our partner suppliers with an eye towards ensuring the process is as sustain-able as possible from start to finish. In the more than 70 years since our parent company has been sourcing and producing herbs and spices. sus-tainability has been central to everything we do. We endeavor to operate in an environmentally responsible manner while minimizing our environ-mental footprint, and we apply scientific, economic, and technical analysis to adopt practices aimed at protecting the environment for future genera-tions. Those aren’t marketing buzzwords, either. It’s a core part of our entire corporate philosophy.


Sustainability means striking a balance between our needs and the needs of nature, ensuring that what we consume is replenished, and that the things we take from Mother Nature are produced in such a way that minimal harm is done to the environment. All of this is done with the goal of ensuring that future generations can enjoy the world just as we do. Gathering a finite resource and using farming techniques that are focused only on quick and immediate profit is not sustainable. Focusing on renewable resources and using agricultural techniques that encourage long-term, natural production is ideal. This helps protect the environment, is good for the people of our partner communities, and most important of all, builds a better society both today and tomorrow. That’s why from farm to plate, we strive to leave as small a footprint as possible in bringing our herbs and spices to you.