FAQ : We Thought You’d Never Ask

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See how we’ve answered the most common Castle Foods questions!

Where are you located ?

Our headquarters are located in Union, NJ.

Do your products contain allergens ?

Some of our products do contain allergens.
For more specific information about a certain product, please contact info@castlefoods.com !

What is the best way to store my Castle spices and blends ?

We always recommend storing your Castle Foods products at room temperature, in a dry environment with no sunlight! Give your bottles a shake or two every so often as well, and before each use, to prevent clumping and to keep them at their best.

How long do your products last?

Castle Foods’ spices are always good to use for up to 4 years after manufacturing. Our herbs are good for up to 3 years, and our seasonings are good for up to 2 years after manufacturing.

Can I buy your spices and seasonings online?

Unfortunately, no! In April 2022, we closed our online store and have since converted our website to one serving a more informational purpose. As a result, we no longer sell by the bottle or directly to consumers, and are focusing on foodservice.

We also no longer sell our products on Amazon or Walmart

Can I buy your spices and seasonings in person at your NJ location?

No – Our New Jersey location is our corporate headquarters and we do not sell any of our products in person.

Can I buy wholesale quantities ?

We do sell in wholesale quantities! We can custom pack spices in a variety of packaging
types ranging from 5-50lbs. Please visit our Wholesale page to learn more!

I’d like to resell your product. Do you offer private label services ?

We do offer private labelling services in both bulk and bottled! Please visit our Private Label  page to learn more!

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only are able to ship our products within the continental United States.

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